Karya means Work

We are a niche provider/partner of shared & serviced office spaces across the country in locations such as Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi / NCR and many more other cities in India.

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What is Karya Space?

Karya means Work or Activity. So we literally translate to Work Space. We believe in mutual growth and being social in the eco system.

A “community of working professionals” is a Coworking Space or a Shared Office Space as we call it. You can help, you can host, you can learn, you can collaborate and you can grow!


per month plus tax (Per Seat)


Private Space with dedicated desks with capacities from 2 people onwards.

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per month plus tax (Per Seat)


Fully operational open work space with dedicated desks.

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per month plus tax (Per Seat)

Monthly Gypsy

Hot desks or temporary seats for those who are looking to work for any 10 days in a month.

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per day plus tax (Per Seat)

Daily Gypsy

Hot desks or temporary seats for those who are looking to work for just one day.

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NEW 5999*
per month plus tax (Per Seat)


For organizations looking for a Large Dedicated Office Floor managed by Karya Jumbo Services (usually above 50 seats in requirement)

*Pricing may vary depending on location

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per session plus tax


We host many events catering to startups or other community based initiatives for up to 60 people

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Our space is probably one of the best in terms of value for money and design. You should ask our clients or Karyans as we like to call them.
We are more than just a business center. We believe in having a positive, lively and most importantly a "want to work" environment.
We are in the most well connected locations in the city!
We host and enable some of the brightest minds. Come be social with us!

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Want to be a Karya location Partner ?

Anywhere in India, do you have any….

  • Extra space/seats in your office?
  • Furnished office spaces?
  • Open spaces/floors/buildings for development?
  • Café/restaurant with free tables or event spaces?

Then partner with us and let’s grow together!


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